18 March 2021

Documenting material worlds. The Hamaj of Ethiopia

The borderland between Sudan and Ethiopia is home to a variety of ethnic minorities that have found in its challenging […]

15 January 2021

Following Cotton from Seeds to Rags: Textile Production in Dendi and Borgu (North Benin)

Cotton cultivation, textile production and dyeing have become completely industrialised and so cheap that traditional textile has become economically unviable. […]

29 October 2020

Rituals, Religious practices, and glass/glass bead making in Ile-Ife and Bida, Nigeria

EMKP grantee Abidemi Babatunde Babalola and his colleagues provide an overview of some of their recent work for the Digitization […]

10 September 2020

Stories of Cambodian “Angkuoch:” Documenting a rare musical instrument, its makers and players

“I am very happy that I get to share my knowledge about Angkuoch with other people. When I can demonstrate […]

15 July 2020

Kamiko, Washi and Takuhon-shi: Making paper clothing in Japan

EMKP grantee Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran provides an overview of some of her recent work for the Paper people – […]

17 June 2020

Visual repatriation as a sustainable tool for engaging with source communities

EMKP Volunteer Rosie Croysdale writes about the use of photo elicitation and visual repatriation in the Apprehending asapan: documenting the […]

20 May 2020

Beekeeping in the Embobut Forest, Kenya: An Interview with Samuel Lunn-Rockliffe

Growing concern over the disappearance of bees and, as a result, biodiversity has led to a revival of beekeeping over […]

24 March 2020

An update from “the Angkuoch project:” Documenting Jew’s harp in Cambodia

Download a Khmer translation of this blog post here We are excited to report that research fieldwork for the Angkuoch […]

5 November 2019

Documenting the ‘made world’ and endangered knowledge

EMKP has been featured on the Museum Ethnographer’s Group blog, which discusses our aims and what we do. Here is […]