The 2023/2024 Call for Applications is now closed. Our next Call for Applications will be announced in Fall 2024.


The EMKP offers small and large grants to document material knowledge systems that are under threat and in danger of disappearing. This includes knowledge systems associated with the making, use, repair, and re-purposing of material objects, spaces, architecture, performances, and environments. The EMKP Documentation Grants support the documentation of endangered material knowledge systems.

Documentation methods can include but are not limited to, film, audio recordings, photographs, written notes, maps, 3D models, and drawings. Successful applicants will be required to submit digital copies of these records to be uploaded to the EMKP open-access repository, which is hosted by the British Museum.

Applicants can apply for grants irrespective of nationality and academic background, however, they must apply with a Host Institution that can provide independent financial and ethical oversight for their project. There is no restriction on where the proposed work can be carried out, but priority will be given to projects in regions and countries where existing financial support for research is limited.

For further guidance on the application process and digital components for the EMKP Documentation Grants, please read the EMKP Documentation Grants Application Guidelines and the EMKP Documentation Grants Digital Guidelines.

Small Grants can last up to one year with a maximum award of £20,000. Small Grants are intended for projects that are focused on a specific/individual material practice, and which are limited in scope. They are also suitable for initial pilot work to establish the nature and extent of material knowledge systems where these might not be previously known, or for early career applicants who are building new projects.

For reference, please see the 2023-2024 Small Documentation Grant application form. Please bear in mind this document is for reference only and future forms may change.

Large Grants can last up to two years with a maximum award of £100,000. Large Grants are suitable for mature projects where more intensive and diverse documentation is proposed. They are also suitable for projects that require a larger team, projects where multiple strands of work are happening simultaneously, and projects where more time is needed to complete the documentation (e.g. because of seasonal cycles of working).

For reference, please see the 2023-2024 Large Documentation Grant application form. Please bear in mind this document is for reference only and future forms may change.


Successful projects must be commenced after all documentation has been finalised between the applicant, EMKP, and the Host Institution (Terms and Conditions; Budget; Digital Management Plan; Ethical Review).

Documentation Grants Agreements are available for reference and are not subject to modification. It is strongly suggested that you make your Host Institution aware of the terms of the agreement early in the process, so they are familiar with the terms before agreeing to support the application. It is the responsibility of the grantee to ensure that the grant agreement between EMKP and the host institution is signed within 6 months after the award (i.e., November 2024). Please note, the finalisation of these documents can take some time, so make sure you start processing them as soon as possible.