The 2023/2024 Call for Applications is now CLOSED. The next Call for Applications will open in Fall 2024.

If you are interested in the Documentation Grants, please have a look at the Documentation Grants section.

If you are interested in the Digitisation Grants, please have a look at the Digitisation Grants section.

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EMKP Grants cover relevant fieldwork and documentation costs including equipment, travel, subsistence, and allowances for research assistants and community members involved in the project.

Budgets should be focused on the costs to support documentation and digitisation. The EMKP does not fund work to revitalise endangered knowledge or revive material knowledge that is no longer being practiced.

While we do not fund generic overhead costs, we can support costs relating to project administration that can be directly justified and budgeted (for example, costs for accountancy services).

Please note that we do not fund salaries or replacement teaching costs for the Principal Applicant or Co-Applicants*.

*In exceptional circumstances we may consider salaries for the Co-Applicants(s). Please see the guidelines for more details, or contact us at to discuss this.


Applicants are welcome to re-submit applications in the following grant round, especially if they have been invited to do so by the EMKP Panel in their original feedback.

Please note, Principal Applicants who are unsuccessful two years in a row cannot submit a third application the following year. The same applies to unsuccessful projects where the Principal Applicants may have changed but the topic of the project and team have not.