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The Endangered Material Knowledge Programme gives grants to support the documentation of material knowledge systems that are under threat and in danger of disappearing. It also provides free access by stewarding that knowledge in an open-access digital repository dedicated to its preservation.

Knowledge holders, practitioners, and scholars can apply for funds to support work that explores knowledge systems associated with the making, use, repair and re-purposing of material objects, spaces, architecture, performances and environments. EMKP strongly advocates for a working approach that centres on community epistemologies, close collaborative working and celebration of the diverse knowledge networks that affect the material world.

The Programme was established in 2018 with funding from Arcadia and is hosted by the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum.

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  • Komo woman about to fire a pot (Photo: Alfredo González Ruibal)
  • The process of weaving a rug, Stoianovca village, Cantemir district. (Photo: Viorel Miron).
  • Bamboo poles are an important tool in boatbuilding. Here the master boat builder is assisted by the boat owner’s family. (Photo: Swarup Bhattacharyya).
  • A baobab tree in Nuu area of Kitui County (Photo: Patrick Maundu).

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