The EMKP Legacy Digitisation Grant supports the digitisation of ‘legacy’ material pertaining to material knowledge that is now endangered or was endangered at the time the research was taking place. ‘Legacy’ material refers to collections and research records relating to projects which have already concluded, including fieldnotes, photographs, negatives, videos, film reels, audio recordings, and objects. Legacy Digitisation Grants are awarded for up to 1 year with a maximum of £20,000.

Applicants can apply for this grant regardless of nationality. We accept applications from individuals attached to host institutions, as well as communities or institutions. The original creator of the documentation can apply on behalf of their own work.

For reference see the 2022-2023 Legacy Digitisation Grant application form. Please bear in mind this document is for reference only and future forms may change.

For further information on the application process for the EMKP Legacy Digitisation Grant, please read the EMKP Legacy Digitisation Grant Application Guidelines.