Chrisyl Wong-Hang-Sun is a Project Curator for EMKP, and is responsible for several aspects of the programme, including budgeting and files records, digital assets checking and ingesting, events support, and social media channels and dissemination. As an anthropologist, Chrisyl’s regional specialisation explores the ethnography of the Indian Ocean, specifically the Chagos and Mascarene Islands. Her research interests within the region include forced displacement and migration, native anthropology, law, and creolisation.  

Chrisyl received her Master of Research in Anthropology from University College London, with a place on the Dean’s List for her academic performance within the Department of Anthropology. Her ethnographic research with the native Chagossian diaspora in Mauritius explores perceptions of onward migration to the UK, as a result of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. As Chagossians were forcibly displaced from the Chagos Islands, Chrisyl explores the certainty of the diaspora’s self-knowledge that manifests as they hope and fight to return to their homeland. Her research and poetry are due to feature in an edited volume on the future of the Chagossian diaspora. Prior to joining the EMKP, Chrisyl worked as a freelance Market Researcher to improve exhibitions and visitor experience within some of the UK’s museums and galleries. 

Chrisyl Wong-Hang-Sun