Discover the newly awarded projects for 2023!

This year the EMKP turns Five, and we are celebrating this important milestone with a big one-day conference with presentations from EMKP grantees and different displays curated by the grantees and the EMKP team (for more information see the EVENT PAGE). As part of the fifth anniversary celebrations, Hartwig Fischer, Director of the British Museum, has today announced the 17 new projects that EMKP will be supporting.

As in previous years, the competition was very high, with many excellent applications coming from across the globe. We want to congratulate the successful grantees and express our warmest gratitude to all the applicants.

This year, we have awarded 9 small grants and 8 large grants. This means that we have increased the number of large grants awarded compared to the previous rounds, which is very exciting.

With the new projects, EMKP has awarded to date 82 grants to carry out work across 44 countries. This year for the first time, EMKP will support projects in Algeria, Nepal, Iran, Guinea Bissau, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

The diverse range of material knowledge practices covered by these projects includes, among others, water management in Algeria, stone tool making in Kenya, the making of masks for the Nava Durga Dance in Nepal, rock art in Northwest Amazonia and ceramic knowledge in Guinea Bissau. Also, for the first time in EMKP’s history, grants have been awarded to support research among diasporic communities, directly affected by conflict and unrest. In Bangladesh, Rohingya food practices and cuisines in community camps are being documented, whilst wool and leather practices associated with Awassi sheep traditionally practiced around Palmyra are being studied and recorded in the diaspora.

The list of successful projects can be seen below:


Documenting the Last Lithic Technologists: A Study of Stone Tool Usage Among Daasanach Pastoralists of East Turkana, Kenya.
PA: Matt Douglass
Location of research: Kenya

Foggaras: Water production in the Adrar palm grove oases (Sahara, Algeria)
PA: Juan Ignacio Robles
Location of research: Sahara, Algeria

Taming the fluids: Documentation of traditional water, milk, and living containers of the Gabra and Borana of northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia
PA: Nkirote M’Mbogori
Location of research: Nekya and Southern Ethiopia

Dancing for Life: Documenting Cashinahua ritual paraphernalia in Peruvian Amazonia
PA: Giancarlo Ronaldo
Location of research: Peruvian Amazonia

Lake Turkana, in the making: documenting the material knowledge of drylands pastoralism in northern Kenya
PA: Samuel Derbyshire
Location of research: Turkana, Kenya

Weaving fibres of resistance: Tikuna tree bark and identity in the Amazon
PA: Renata Peters
Location of research: Brazil

Documenting the Palmyrene wool and leather products of Awassi sheep in the countries of the diaspora
PA: Hasan Ali
Location of research: Palmyra and diaspora communities in Turkey.

Documenting the Endangered ‘Pet Uno’, ‘Canang Ceureukeh’, and ‘Alee Tunjang’ as Indigenous Forest and Farm Culture in Post-Conflict and Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia
PA: Muzayin Nazaruddin
Location of research: Indonesia



From Reed to Ney: Documenting Musical Craftsmanship and Pedagogy in Turkey
PA: Bany Senay
Location of research: Turkey

Documenting the social and geographical dimensions of the endangered art and practice of making hand-made deep artesian wells and shallow percolation wells in the Thar desert
PA: Palak Babel
Location of research: India

Making Masks for the Nava Durga Dance in Nepal: the annual process from sourcing clay to cremation
PA: Emily Pott
Location of research: Nepal

Documenting endangered material knowledge of making and playing Jahla in Hormozgan, south of Iran
PA: Tahereh Rezaei
Location of research: Iran

Rock Art Inter-Ontologies: Ethnography and Digital Safeguarding of Kumuã Knowledge on Petroglyph Sacred Places in Northwest Amazonia
PA: Raoni Valle
Location of research: Brazil

Documentation of Soga Emas rattan utilisation within Dayak Bidayuh Jagoi traditional agriculture system
PA: Amira Rhardiani
Location of research: Indonesia

Ceramic knowledge among the Bayot-Jola of Guinea-Bissau: Documenting the usages and meanings of a disappearing tradition
PA: Bruno Pastre Maximo
Location of research: Guinea-Bissau

Palm Weaving: A Coptic Living Heritage Under-threat
PA: Christine Habib
Location of research: Egypt

The Rohingya Recipes and Food Practices of stateless Rohingya community in camps of Bangladesh
PA: Tahura Enam Navile
Location of research: Bangladesh

The EMKP Team would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who responded to our call for applications, and once again congratulate the successful teams and their projects!

We can’t wait to work with the new cohort and support them on their EMKP journey.