2023/2024 EMKP Call for Applications

The EMKP 2023/2024 Call for Applications is now open!

We are now accepting applications for the EMKP Documentation and Legacy Digitisation Grants. Keep reading to learn more about our grants and how to apply.

The EMKP Documentation Grant supports projects to document material knowledge systems that are currently under threat or in danger of disappearing. This includes knowledge systems associated with the making, use, repair and re-purposing of material objects, as well as spaces, architecture, performances, and environments. The grant comes two sizes:

  • Small Grants can last up to one year, with a maximum award of £20,000. Small grants are intended for projects which focus on a specific material practice, and which are relatively limited in scope. Early career applicants or researchers conducting pilot work to establish the nature and extent of a material knowledge system are encouraged to apply.
  • Large Grants can last up to two years, with a maximum award of £100,000. These are suitable for more intensive projects, where a greater diversity of documentation is proposed. We would normally expect the applicant to be part of a larger team of researchers, managing multiple strands of work over a longer period.

The EMKP Legacy Digitisation Grant supports the digitisation of collections and research records pertaining to material knowledge that is now endangered or was endangered at the time the research was taking place. This can include fieldnotes, photographs, negatives, videos, film reels, audio recordings, objects, and more. Legacy Digitisation Grants can last up to one year, with a maximum awarded of £20,000.

We accept applications from all around the world, but prioritise projects in regions and countries where existing financial support for research is limited. For more information on our guidelines and how to apply, visit our Grants page or contact us at emkp@britishmuseum.org.

This call for applications closes at midnight on the 7 January of 2024.

Top Banner Image: Mat-making. (Photo: Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal)