Central and South America

10 November 2020

Oga Pysy: Guarani and Kaiowá Ceremonial Houses in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

This project will document the material processes and technical knowledge through which Guarani and Kaiowá ceremonial houses (Oga Pysy) are constructed, the local […]

10 November 2020

Andean Potter’s Knowledge: Ceramic Production, Circulation and Use in Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru

This regional scale project seeks to produce photographic, audio, video, and descriptive record of the material knowledge of the potters […]

30 September 2019

Upper Xingu Material Culture in the Past, Present and Future: Collaborative Documentation of a Multiethnic Tradition in Brazilian Amazonia

The Upper Xingu (Mato Grosso, Brazil) is an area of exceptional ecological, socio-historical and cultural diversity in Amazonia, which is […]