Paula Granados joined EMKP in 2021 as project curator to support the digital aspect of the project, including repository maintenance, content upload and metadata safeguarding. Her work is also involved with the dissemination of the project results in the EMKP website, social media and related digital exhibitions and curated blogs.

Before joining EMKP, Paula was project curator at the British Museum, where she was involved with the implementation and customisation of specific British Museum curatorial research projects, including knowledge representation, data mapping and collaboration, developing research and publication tools. Paula completed her PhD in archaeological research and Linked Open Data at the Open University in 2020. Ultimately her research focuses on how digital technologies can enhance humanities scholarship and especially, how new technologies can help people access, share and build upon archaeological and ethnographical research as well as bringing research closer to the broader audiences and democratising the access to the world cultural heritage in all its forms.

Paula Granados Garcia