Nik Petek-Sargeant joined the British Museum in 2019 as the digital curator for the Endangered Material Knowledge Programme. In his role he has developed the metadata schema to be used by projects supported by EMKP, which other projects will also be able to adopt, set up and maintain the programme’s repository, as well as establish digital processes that ensure the high quality and preservation of the knowledge communities share with us. Before joining EMKP, Nik was an Early Stage Researcher in archaeology and historical ecology at Uppsala University in Sweden. He researches the pre-colonial and recent history and archaeology of the Ilchamus community in Kenya with a focus on changes in material culture and environment. He also continues to research the archaeology of Holocene pastoral communities in East Africa, has worked on the archaeology of the Indian Ocean, and regularly collaborates with palaeoecologists and anthropologists on projects studying impacts of human-environment interactions.

Editorial board of the Annals of the Náprstek Museum
Associate of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Member of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists
Member of the British Institute in Eastern Africa
Co-organiser of UCL’s African Peoples and Past seminar series

Nik Petek-Sargeant