This project seeks to document the utilisation of Soga Emas rattan within the Dayak Bidayuh Jagoi traditional agriculture system, especially the woven objects made from Soga Emas rattan used in agricultural practice and rituals. Soga Emas is a top-tier quality rattan harvested in the forest area of Jagoi and has an essential role in Dayak Bidayuh Jagoi culture. It grows wild and collected in the virgin forest near the village area and in the area called ‘Tembawang’. ‘Tembawang’ is a former area of shifting cultivation farms that have been reforested. The rapid land conversion into oil palm plantations threatens the Soga Emas rattan’s existence, thus endangering the traditional craft-making knowledge of agricultural ritual objects made from the rattan.

The ethnographic focus is on the people of Dayak Bidayuh in Jagoi Babang village, Bengkayang region, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Documentation will consist of photography, audio-visual recordings, written records, and 3D digital objects—and will be lodged locally in the Material Library of the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology. The documentation will also be written in Bahasa Indonesia and Dayak Bidayuh language, ensuring accessibility for the local Dayak Bidayuh culture-based forest revitalisation initiative.


Primary Applicant:
Amira Rahardiani

Gabriella Manurung
Wisnu Purbandaru
Yohanes Arya Duta

Location of Research:
Jagoi Babang village, Bengkayang region, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Host Institution:
Sekar Kawung Foundation


Top Banner Image: Ibu Anik collecting rattan locally known as Uwi Sogoh, 2022. (Photo: Sepatokimin Initiative)