The research project “Between presence and disappearance of traditional Bulgarian textiles of Stoianovca, Republic of Moldova” seeks to document of the system of knowledge and traditional weaving techniques of ethnic Bulgarians in the Republic of Moldova. The goals of the project are the preservation of knowledge about traditional textile techniques in the Bulgarians of Moldova through digital recordings, to involve the local community in the process of restoring textile production techniques and reproducing the relevant knowledge system, to involve younger generations in collaborating with older artisans and pass on intergenerational skills, the preservation of the material cultural potential of the Stoianovca Village community, the dissemination and promotion of the results of the project on a large scale through social media, and to create the premises for the capitalization of the techniques of the authentic tissue specific to the Bulgarian ethnics from the Republic of Moldova, and lay the foundations for the creation of a Centre for the conservation and capitalization of local ethnographic material.

Field ethnographic research has been and remains among the preferred research tools of the representatives of many scientific schools such as functionalists, followers of interpretive anthropology or supporters of the Sociological School in Bucharest, etc.
In-depth research will be applied in museums to analyse a range of concrete issues such as the chromatics of carpets and textiles in museum collections, their ornamentation and evocation depending on the period of time in which they were made, etc.


Marina Miron

Cheavdari Elena
Ciolcovan (Eropunova) Alexandra

Research Assistant:
Viorel Miron

Location of Research:
Stoianovca village, Cantemir district, Republic of Moldova

Host Institution:
NGO ZaEdno


Top Banner Image: Traditional carpet made in the middle of the 20th century in Stoianovca village, Cantemir district by women from the Caradjov family. (Photo: Viorel Miron)