We are always pleased to share ongoing successes by previous EMKP grantees, such as the Launch Event of the Angkuoch Project that happened recently, directing a lot of interest towards the angkuoch makers and players.

See below a video from the UNESCO Cambodia Facebook page which was recorded live at the Launch Event of Angkuoch Research. The event saw the participation of several speakers from different organisations, including the Cambodian Living Arts, the Griffith University in Australia, UNESCO Cambodia, and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. It also included members of the local comunity, such as angkuoch makers and players, together with the family of a former angkuoch maker from Siem Reap province.


We share the team’s perspective that this event doesn’t mark an end but rather the start of an exciting new opportunity to increase interest in the project and keep the skills and knowledge to make the angkuoch alive.