Nik Petek-Sargeant

Nik Petek-Sargeant

Nik is the Endangered Material Knowledge Programme’s (EMKP) Project Curator and has joined the British Museum in 2019. His role is to curate digital content and help evolve the intellectual vision of EMKP. Nik’s responsibilities include maintaining the Programme’s online repository, develop a metadata standard for EMKP and engage others in adopting it, as well as to organise formal training for our grantees and support them throughout their project.


Before joining EMKP, Nik was an Early Stage Researcher at Uppsala University in Sweden for the Resilience in East African Landscapes ITN, an MSCA-funded project. As part of the project he worked with the Ilchamus community near Kenya’s Lake Baringo, researching their history, the history of their material culture, and how their subsistence and habitation strategies shaped the local landscape. His research explained how the degradation of the Baringo basin correlates with limitations imposed by the colonial government that included restricting mobility, discouraging pastoral lifeways, and new political structures that forced the community to use scarce resources more and more intensely. Nik also significantly strengthened our knowledge about the archaeology of Kenya’s Central Rift Valley and received a PhD for his work in 2018.

He has been working in archaeology and the heritage sector since 2006 with a focus on East Africa since 2012. He was also a member of the ERC-funded Sealinks project. Nik continues to work on issues relating to archaeology and climate change, human-environment interaction, and historical ecology, and the archaeology of pastoralism. With his role as a curator for EMKP he is expanding into the field of Digital Humanities, (digital) heritage and preservation, ethnographic documentation, and metadata standardization.



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