Lissant Bolton

Lissant Bolton is an anthropologist who specialises in the Pacific. Her research focuses on gender and kastom in Vanuatu, and on the indigenous use of collections and cultural knowledge. She has a specific interest in textiles, and has also written about issues relating to museums and indigenous communities.

She has worked in Vanuatu annually since 1989, collaborating with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VKS) in the development of programmes to document and revive women’s knowledge and practice. This programme, the Women’s Culture Project, holds annual training workshops for ni-Vanuatu women extension workers, which Bolton chairs for the VKS. She has made a number of films with the VKS for use in Vanuatu.

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Bolton lead-curated the permanent gallery Living and Dying (2003), and curated the exhibitions Power and Taboo: Sacred Objects from the Pacific (2006), and Baskets and Belonging: Indigenous Australian Histories (2011) all for the British Museum.

She has been Keeper of Africa, Oceania and the Americas since 2012.

From 2018 onwards, she is the Director of the Endangered Material Knowledge Programme.

Current projects

Director, Endangered Material Knowledge Programme.

The Relational Museum and its Objects, Australian Research Council Linkage Grant made to the Australian Nacional University with the National Museum of Australia and the British Museum.

Previous projects

Clothing the Pacific (Joint research project with University College, London and Goldsmiths College, University of London

Melanesian Art: Objects Narratives and Indigenous Owners
(Joint Research Project with Goldsmiths College, University of London).

Engaging Objects: Indigenous Communities, museum collections and the representation of indigenous histories Australian Research Council Linkage Grant with the Australian National University and the National Museum of Australia (2011-14).

Recent Publications

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